Non-coding Website Builder
Introduction to Webflow

「Create your website "freely"」

Conventionally, the only options for creating one's own website were to learn programming or to choose a template-based website creation tool with few degrees of freedom. However, that situation has changed dramatically with the advent of no-code tools.

Introducing Webflow, non-coding website builder to help you to design your desired website with drag and drop features.They are a user-friendly way for anyone to get started with building a website on their own, in par withcompanies like Squarespace and Wix that is well-renowned in the field.

What is meant by no-code tools?

It is a mechanism that allows programmers to develop software using a graphical user interface that can be manipulated visually instead of writing code. In other words, you simply perform a simple drag-and-drop operation, and the no-code tool translates that operation into code so that you can build a modern app or website. For many people without the know-how to code, building a web app or a website seems forever out of reach. But now it is open to everyone. The advent of no-code tools has removed the barrier of having to know a programming language, allowing anyone to bring their ideas to life.

What is Webflow?

Webflow, a no-code development platform, allows anyone to bring their ideas to the world, even if they have no programming knowledge. Webflow is a no-code development platform that provides all the features of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. In fact, you can start developing right away without any knowledge of these programming languages. There are already many use cases for the no-code tool. It is not just for building websites. You can use it for mobile apps, web apps, voice apps, internal tools, system integration, task automation, and much more.

Pros of using Webflow

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Enables quick website development

Designers using Webflow can prototype and build real, functioning websites using all HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Eliminating the process between prototyping and building allows for faster application development. By eliminating the need for the marketing team to rely on others, the path to website publication can be faster and easier. Allows designers to implement the necessary forms without having to ask a professional developer to develop the product.

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Reduce website production costs

Developers and engineers are an important part of a development project and cost more than the typical marketing team member. Using Webflow, less manpower needed as a team to create a website. Therefore, if developers' and engineers' time can be more efficiently from a project's man-hours, it not only saves time, but also optimize your budget.

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Fast response to any change or trouble

The reduced cost and dependency on engineers allows for greater freedom in the production of the website. This allows for a fast cycle of approaching various challenges with different hypotheses, seeing the results of verification, and producing an even better website. A no-code approach allows the team to act on quantitative user data, qualitative user interview results, or ideas that come out of team brainstorms as quickly as they like.

Webflow is suitable for different types of websites

Webflow provides a simple interface for creating and managing websites of different types of websites.

You can add elements such as flex-boxes, CSS grids, div blocks, buttons, etc. You can add headings, text blocks, and text links; create and update CMS collections; easily place images, embed videos, integrate visuals, and of course, make it responsive. It all starts with Webflow's visual web development platform.

Webflow takes standard website design elements to the next level; Webflow designers can also build rich animations, micro-interactions, and eye-catching transitions. Bring your designs to life with scroll-triggered element changes, sophisticated animations, and a variety of hover effects. Whether your design is simple and static or action-packed, Webflow supports your creativity.

Content management system (CMS) in Webflow

It’s possible to set up a blog with Webflow, but aside from creating the design, you’ll also have to manually integrate any additional features – media, comments, social sharing etc. In the end, this also gives you a lot of freedom regarding customizations, but it’s also some extra work and it cost more to host CMS website.

Learning basic of website is essential

Even though Webflow is considered to be a non-coding platform, but it is recommended to learn about basic of website first.

It included how HTML, CSS and Javascript work together to create a website. Changes made to the layout in Webflow are applied in the preview that is generated in real time. If you are interested in how to use Webflow, why not learn some basic about website itself.

Choose a template or start from scratch

Webflow makes it easy to get started, whether you start with a blank screen or choose from responsive HTML5 templates.

Templates of different types and styles are available to build all kinds of websites, including e-commerce stores, corporate sites, and specialized landing page creation.

Let's try to create your own website in five minutes!

1. Register a new Webflow account

First, please access Webflow official website. And look for login button.

Register your account using your e-mail. You can register easily if connected using Gmail account.

Fill in the form with your name, email address and password. Then, click on the 'Create Account' button to register for free.
You will have to answer some questionnaires afterwards before your account is registered.

2. Create Your Website using Template

Choose any free template available to create your first website. There are paid version of designers template available that with extra or you can order in BuildWeb to create your original website template.

Choose a template and insert your website name and click [Create site] button. It is recommended to have an interesting and easy to remember names for your website.

3. Learn how to navigate and edit the website

You can always refers to Webflow tutorials provided for free following the below.

First, try double-click on the top text and you will be able to change the text.

You can change the style like font size and color at the right control panel. You can learn the other configurations just by following the tutorials provided by Webflow for free. BuildWeb also provide personal class to learn how to create professional website, click at inquiry for details.